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Are you looking for a unique and inclusive yoga experience? Look no further than Yoking is Yoga. Led by Katherine, a dedicated yoga instructor with over 20 years of yoga practice & 5 years of teaching experience, offering bespoke 1:1 sessions, workshops, and retreats designed to promote physical and mental well-being. Katherine's approach involves breathing techniques, movement, and meditation to help you harness your inner power and equilibrium. Get started today by booking a session or class with Yoking is Yoga.

Adjustments and options are excellently and clearly given to yogis, without being at all judgemental. I found the teacher knowledgeable, engaging and encouraging development of all in the class.'  


I really recommend Katherine’s class. A wonderfully slow and calming class which can challenge and strengthen wherever you are with your yoga. I’ve found the sessions are a little holiday from the world around me and are comparable to an hour long massage! 


'I have to say how much I enjoy your yoga classes. Always leave feeling much brighter and your tones / instructions really help with finding lovely space focus! I find your class deeply reassuring; both on a bodily level and feeling of being supported within online class group.'    


'I've been joining the Yoking classes on a regular basis since last May and have found them to be huge support over this time, feeling more grounded and able to sleep better as a result! 

As a beginner it was a great introduction into the practice, gaining knowledge around the teachings. My overall flexibility and balance have greatly improved!'  


Great class. I’m a beginner and found that Katherine’s directions to be the same as if she were in the room - she’s really intuitive. I’m particularly grateful for the classes where she’s talked about breathing. I wear a FFP3 mask for work and was getting chest and diaphragm pain from sucking in air, but with a few simple tips this is no longer an issue for me.


'Katherine is an exceptional teacher'


'Yoking is Yoga is what yoga is all about. Katherine’s warmth and sheer love for yoga is clear when teaching and puts the whole class at ease. 
The way Katherine describes each pose, each breathing technique and leads you into relaxation is blissful.' 


'Classes and flow are gentle and really reflective especially the reading at the end. She encourages the use of props to help you achieve a pose with comfort.'



Inspired by Bessel Van De Kolk, Stephen Porges (Polyvagal Theory), Deb Dana, and many more working in the diverse field of wellbeing, Katherine has participated in talks and workshops by Peter Blackaby, Alistair Shearer and intensive training with Donna Farhi (Wolfson College, Cambridge June 2018), and is awarded with the 500hr Diploma to teach yoga with British Wheel of Yoga, currently highest level of Yoga teacher training qualification in the UK, which includes an in-depth 3 years of anatomy, theory, practice and philosophy.  She has also completed training with Calm for Kids (Christiane Kerr) and is constantly learning, partaking in CPD's in therapeutic applications of yoga, anatomy, the neuroscience of mindfulness & meditation and other disciplines such as Permaculture that make sense as a practice of balance and adaptation.  


Katherine's interest lies in how yoga can help throughout the different stages of life. She has experience teaching preschool - 75 year olds, including expectant Mothers during pregnancy, young professionals, females with perimenopause with endometriosis as well as those with reduced mobility post surgical intervention in chair yoga.  1-1's are an excellent means to reap the benefits of yoga specific to your needs, with consideration for the variables of health and medical history.

Katherine previously worked within the art world in London and set up a Breastfeeding Peer Support group for Westminster NCT managing the enrolment and training of a group of 14 Mothers to volunteer as Peer Supporters for local Surestart, Community Centres and Chelsea and Westminster NICU & maternity wards.  Much of her journey towards yoga provision stems from inclusive  initiatives around mental health and wellbeing. 


The heart of Katherine's approach to all that she facilitates is the consideration of interconnectivity, support, equality and compassion for the wealth that direct attention & experience brings. 

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