Yoking is yoga is a non-competitive & safe environment for you to relax your body and mind.  


Yoking Is Yoga aka Katherine (BWY 500hr) has facilitated a variety of local community classes & 1-2-1's since September 2018 with first aid certification and insurance to teach.


Reviews -

'Katherine is an exceptional teacher'. M

'Yoking is Yoga is what yoga is all about. Katherine’s warmth and sheer love for yoga is clear when teaching and puts the whole class at ease. 
The way Katherine describes each pose, each breathing technique and leads you into relaxation is blissful.' H

'Classes and flow are gentle and really reflective especially the reading at the end. She encourages the use of props to help you achieve a pose with comfort.' P

About Katherine -

Inspired by recent talks and workshops by Peter Blackaby, Alistair Shearer and intensive training with Donna Farhi (Wolfson College, Cambridge June 2018), Katherine has completed the 500hr Diploma to teach yoga with British Wheel of Yoga, currently highest level of Yoga teacher training qualification in the UK, which includes an in-depth 3 years of anatomy, theory, practice and philosophy.  She has also completed 'Yoga for Teenagers' with Calm for Kids (Christiane Kerr).  


Katherine's interest lies in how yoga can help throughout ALL ASPECTS of life. She has experience teaching women and men, expectant Mothers during pregnancy, young children of nursery school age, as well as those with reduced mobility.


I discovered yoga before I knew what 'yoga' was.  Like most children do, exploring and experimenting with my body, creating shapes and moving to rhythms.  Headstands in the school field, dancing, spinning like a whirling dervish to recreate the sense of expansive freedom of being stood on a cliff.  Having been first taught Vrkasana (tree) outside a barn in Norfolk aged 12, and my first yoga class in a gym 2 years later, I distinctly remember the sense of relief and wonder at how good it felt to move into asana (postures).  It was in London post painting degree in Brighton that really signed and sealed my interest in the relationship between the self and other, (dualism and non-dualism) via the meditative experience of having an art practice, which brought me to a more serious involvement into the realms of the 8 limbs of Yoga. The science & philosophies that branch off from the ever multitudinous Yoga (meaning 'to yoke' the body/mind to the breath), not just within the practice of asana but in all relationships, is a daily practice. 

During our yoga practice we will consider the breath and it's effect on the emotions, the brains neuroplasticity and the bodies potential to heal.  The potential of all beings non-human and human (to quote Timothy Morton), flexibility and strength within the mind and body (which are one and the same), poetry, literature, I hope to bring all of these things together within community-based classes & 1-1 sessions.  

As a regular practitioner of yoga for over 15 years, I hope (on a novel note) to take the headstand into my 80/90's if my body allows for it!  However, yoga is much more than a mere headstand, it is an approach, an attitude to life.

" Yoga can help us act with understanding and self-awareness, to become mature in the full sense of the word. it is a positive force in a world that struggles to accommodate change."

(Peter Blackaby author of 'Intelligent Yoga')





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