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Behaviour in the Hidden Brain podcast - Rage and Outrage, trigger happy

An excellent podcast in the use of outrage in social media, the use of moralistic language that persuades others or reel them in.. effective yes, helpful for human flourishing? Perhaps not so.

'When was the last time you changed your mind when someone screams at you?'

Very interesting and so so so relevant with our majority use of social media platforms.

Outrage is used to drive advertising.. its a form of manipulation.. in a way..

So what has this got to do in terms with a yoga practice?

As humans, we require and need to be able to protect ourselves from getting reeled in by constant drip feeds of outrage, triggers and unnecessary drains on our energy. Outrage and constant adrenal action leaves us exhausted and unable to functioning effectively. We fall into the Dorsal state. It makes it difficult to know how to focus your energies when exhausted post high intensity emotional stimulation. You tune out and stop being able to prioritise that which actually needs our attention.

How many times have parents, me included, found that you have been distracted and incapable of being truly present to your kids? Surely that's a familiar state for most! Particularly in this world of technology and distraction. It can be an ongoing challenge and I'm sure has already wreaked untold effects on our brains.. but equally can be harnessed for positive means, but only when we as humans master ourselves.

Like the chariot in the Vedic Upanishads, we require the tools to become masters of ourselves by harnessing the breath. Pranayama essentially.

So on that note, attention-led Yoga practice can help us prioritise what sensation or attention is worthy of our support. That starts with listening-in to the body. Listening-in to the breath.

2 sessions are left of Yoga Nourish Saturday 10-11:15am before Xmas. Let's hone those skills on the mat so we are less vulnerable to the many unnecessary drains on our emotional energy, off the mat.

Book online:

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