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Yoga & hilltop spa retreat coming up May!

Immerse yourself in the blissful Cambridgeshire countryside at this upcoming micro retreat facilitated by Katherine (Yoking Is Yoga)

All welcome, to absorb the well documented benefits of mindful gentle yoga and breath work (pranayama), barefoot walking meditation, nourishing food at the hilltop bistro, outdoor hot-tubs, sauna with a view, and cold water immersion.

Your body/mind will thank you for the experience.

This retreat will be offered to a small group in order for everyone’s needs to be taken into account, booking is required.

Saturday 21st May

10am - 5pm

Check listings on


Toft Road, Cambridge

1hrs drive from London, 8 miles from Cambridge situated in Bourn, just off the M11

For further info

Book your space online

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