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Bury The Seed

I thought I'd share the poem I felt resonated deeply with the idea of Gratitude, which I read for the group in savasana during Yoga Nourish this morning at YATB. It's a such good'un!


Pain always teaches me

to make new things.

Less for what the things become

than for how the making

re-makes me

brave and grateful.

Early this morning,

under a cobalt, cloudless sky,

my steps each send instructions

up to worried, humble ears:

The bells are ringing.

It’s time you knew —

in your gripped fist

has always been

your specific

hallowed seed.


that lifelong holding

into open hands

and here,

exactly as you already are,

break ground, dig down,

and simply, faithfully,

bury the seed.

In the moist eternal darkness,

let life split open

and become.

Poem 'Bury The Seed' by Brooke McNamara

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