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Monday Evenings from 14th June until Summer holidays (6 weeks)

Monday evening sessions from 7:30-8:30pm are carrying on live and online!

Get all your yoga needs from a evening session to re-charge, align and release

Consists of all-round mobilisation, strengthening, breath work (pranayama) and relaxation to set you up for an amazing night sleep!

Sessions are a combination of Traditional Hatha Yoga, Yin and Polyvagal aware with a nervous system reset that supports Mindful movement and enhances wellbeing..

This is yoga that is accessible, and can be practiced by those who are 3 months post natal and beyond, those who are beginners to Yoga and experienced practitioners alike!

Student Health Questionnaires to be exchanged in advance if you are new

All welcome to enquire and book your space

£48 for the 6 sessions

£10 drop-in

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