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Saturday mornings Feb 27th, 2021 - 4 week course

Yoga Nourish A Toolbox - Movement & Breath practices for Modern life This course is for those with interest in movement & breathing practices to cultivate a more expansive sense of joy, contentment and wellbeing A toolkit of diverse practices to use in your daily life - This is a morning session so will be full to the brim with mindful mobilisation, fluid spinal movements, centering posture work (staged for your body), invigorating movement, energising breathing practices (pranayama) & consolidation via relaxation. You will be given the opportunity to explore practices to ease out the often forgotten areas - the neck & eyes, shoulders, wrists & hands as well as strengthening to develop better posture, awareness-based somatic movements as inspired by Peter Blackaby, as well as Hatha Yoga techniques. Katherine (Yoking Is Yoga) has been teaching yoga in the local area since 2018, is BWY trained with a 500hr diploma and is the Deputy Rep for British Wheel of Yoga in Cambridgeshire. Student Health questionnaires are required to keep you safe.

Saturday mornings from 27th February - 4 week course


YATB, Bourn

Book online at

Live & Online for the time being!

Covid has presented us with so much focus on what it is that we might need to cultivate balance; the importance of the breath.. the need for a variety of movements after sitting at laptops all day..

Join, all welcome

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