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Where we are at now, and now.. and now. In this moment, and in this moment .. this

FLUX, we are living in fluctuations, mental, physical, inside, outside.. Consistent adjustments are needed to dance our way through this time. Perhaps less of a dance and more of a practice on the unconditionality of the perceived. Moment by moment the body adjusts itself quite naturally, if you let it, and ideally the mind accepts those necessary adjustments, or perhaps not?

The more rigid we hold ourselves or brace ourselves against the change, the more harm we will be ourselves and others, perhaps? This time is ripe for practice, keep adjusting, keep consolidating, keep breathing down into the belly. Relax the abdomen. What is it that hooks you, creates that tightness in the chest? Cultivate a sense of ground, on that which is beneath or beyond the comprehensible. You will always have the ground, when the ground shakes, then take it lower/higher, closer. Witness. Be aware that whatever challenge you perceive in this moment can change. Make your blessings. Be aware. Practice.

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